Zinc Roof Cost: 2023 Installation Prices & Factors (UK)

When your property’s roof has reached the end of its life, you must consider installing a new one. There are many different types of roof covering available in the UK. Perhaps, not all of them are suitable for your home or allowed by your local council. However, check out an architectural zinc roof as your … Read more

Garden Levelling Costs: 2023 Prices & Factors UK

Many people have sloping gardens with areas that aren’t suitable for anything, not even growing plants. So, with the high price of land in the UK, it makes sense to do something to bring these unused patches of garden back into service. Probably, levelling your garden is one of the best.  The average cost of … Read more

Interior Designer Cost: 2023 Prices (UK)

With the popularity of television home makeover shows, many ordinary homeowners in the UK want to make the best use of light and space in their properties. This includes paint, wallpaper, flooring, furniture type, and layout. Residential interior designers draw on their knowledge and expertise to help create what you have already pictured in your … Read more

Flat Roof Costs: 2023 Installation & Replacement Prices UK

Flat roofs are one of the cheapest and easiest roofs to construct. You can use them on outbuildings like sheds and garages or habitable structures like extensions and dormer windows. Also, you’ll benefit from the lower construction costs compared to other roof types. But, a roof of this type must comply with the UK Building … Read more

Wasp Nest Removal Costs: 2023 Prices (UK)

Summer should be a time for enjoying the outdoors, especially a garden where the children can play. That’s why a wasp nest on your property is bad news. The flying insects can be aggressive and sting multiple times if they perceive you, your family or your pets as a threat. Call a pest controller specialising … Read more

Bee Removal Cost: 2023 Prices UK

Many bee types live in the UK, around 300 species. But the average householder rarely sees any except the bumblebee (25 species) and the honeybee. Of them all, it’s the honeybee that causes most problems and needs removing when nesting in an inconvenient location. The estimated cost of bee removal varies from £50-£1,000 depending on … Read more

Rat Removal Cost: 2023 Extermination Prices (UK)

Human habitations attract many wild creatures in the UK. Generally, they seek shelter, food and warmth. We tend to put up with many of them, as they’re harmless. But, the brown rat and their smaller cousins, the mouse, carry disease, are unhygienic, and damage our properties. Therefore, we should eradicate them from our homes immediately. … Read more

Garage Extension Costs: 2023 Prices (UK Guide)

Garages are one of those property essentials that you already own or wish you owned. In the UK, we use them for storing vehicles, bicycles and almost anything you can think of. However, often their size is too small to be useful for anything except storage. Then, it’s time to spend some money to extend … Read more

Bungalow Extension Cost UK: Save In 2023

Many people in the UK want more living space but don’t want the hassle and expense of moving house. The money-saving solution is to build an extension to your existing home. By careful planning, you can often provide as much space as you need for yourself and your family by creating either a loft conversion … Read more

Rotten Floorboard Replacement Costs: 2023 UK Guide Prices

Many houses in the UK tend to have solid wood floorboards. Although these usually last for years when installed correctly, many older properties suffer from poor building practices, such as poor ventilation and excessive moisture, causing the wood to rot. Therefore, before flooring issues get out of hand and the wood falls apart from rot, … Read more