Designing Your Perfect Meditation Room for Better Mental Health

Whether you are just learning about meditation or you have been practicing for years, you need a place to do it.  This cannot be just any place around the house.  Kids, pets, phone calls, TV, and other distractions tend to spoil the mood.  You need a space large enough for you to sit and quiet … Read more

Disability Friendly Home Modifications

A guide to modifications you can make in the home to make it more disability friendly Few houses are equipped for the disabled, making many basic, household tasks impossible.  Luckily, refitting your home to be more accessible to those with disabilities is not as difficult as it sounds – and there are financial options available … Read more

Keeping Children Safe Online (Updated for 2023)

Experts agree that children are at a greater risk for unwanted contact and exploitation by criminals than ever before.  Unfortunately, this is due to the advent of the commercial Internet and, more specifically, social media. While the Internet is a source of great knowledge covering almost every subject imaginable, as well as a portal into … Read more