Postcrete Vs. Concrete: UK Guide (2023)

Postcrete and concrete may sound very similar, but they have several key differences. Postcrete, or post-mix concrete, doesn’t require mixing and sets in five to ten minutes. It’s ideal for small projects like fence posts and rotary washing lines. Concrete requires precise preparation, takes 24 to 48 hours to set, and is best for large … Read more

19 Types of Driveways UK: 2023 Material Options List

If you own a driveway, choosing the right type of material is crucial. From installation to maintenance ease and kerb appeal, the material can impact costs and the value it can add to your home.  Here are the various driveway options in the UK: 1. Concrete Driveways  Concrete is the most popular type of driveway … Read more

Is Polyfilla Waterproof? (Everything You Need To Know)

Polyfilla is one of the most versatile filler products on the market and can be used for applications on a variety of surfaces. How well does it stand up to water? None of the Polyfilla products are fully waterproof, but some specific types of Polyfilla are classified as weatherproof. Weatherproof Polyfilla is meant for exterior … Read more

Does White Spirit Remove Silicone Sealant? [Yes! Here’s How]

Silicone sealant is a durable, flexible sealant that can last for years with proper care. However, even the best sealants can fail over time and need replacement. Or you may have a seal with a sloppy application, leaving sealant where it shouldn’t be. In any case, silicone sealant is easy to remove with materials you … Read more

How To Fill Gaps In Floorboards: 3 Ways To Seal Your Floors (UK)

Having a few gaps in your floorboards during the cooler months is very common. However, sometimes these gaps no longer close up when the weather gets warmer and more humid. If you have constant gaping in your floorboards, you may want to consider filling them in.  A mix of dust and resin is an easy … Read more

8 Disadvantages of Karndean Flooring: UK Guide [Cons]

Karndean flooring is a brand name for luxury vinyl tile or LVT. It’s primarily composed of limestone, polyvinyl chloride, and various pigments.  It mimics the look of other types of flooring, such as natural stone and hardwood. This type of flooring has plenty of benefits, such as durability, versatility, and customisability. It’s warm underfoot, has … Read more

How Long Does Plaster Take To Dry? UK Guide (Answered)

Used for the protective or decorative coating of walls and ceilings, plaster is one of the most popular construction materials in the UK.  No matter what type you use, you might be wondering how long plaster takes to dry before you can paint or drill holes in it to hang furniture and objects.  Plaster takes … Read more

How To Treat Dampness In Internal Walls: 3 Step Guide UK (Do This!)

Homes should be cosy sanctuaries where one can unwind, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. But when your internal walls are damp, this sanctuary is more of a source of stress than anything else.  Treating dampness in internal walls could be as easy as applying a coat of waterproof (but breathable!) paint. … Read more

Halogen Hobs Pros And Cons: 6 Deciding Factors UK

Using infrared light to generate heat, halogen hobs are sought-after cookers. But are they worth it? Like anything else, they have pros and cons.  The main advantage of halogen hobs is their safety compared to both gas and electric cookers. Infrared light delivers instant heat, and the glass-ceramic cooktop is very easy to clean. However, … Read more