Garage Conversion Cost: 2022 Price Comparison UK

Would you believe me if I said that many people have an untapped resource in their homes that is often overlooked and completely wasted? Sure, if you need space for a growing family or elderly relatives, many people decide on converting their loft into a living space. It could become a bedroom with en-suite bathroom … Read more

Getting Started With Composting for Kids (all ages)

Healthy Sustainability These days, everyone is thinking green!  And not a moment too soon, if recent studies are correct. Over 600 species of plants have gone extinct in the last 250 years, and the effects of climate change are thought to be the cause of increasingly extreme atmospheric conditions and fluctuations in weather patterns.  If … Read more

Ultimate Guide To Digital Photography For Beginners

Introduction to Digital Photography For all intents and purposes, old school photography is dead. Gone are the days when you had to lug around hefty bags filled with expensive extensions, accoutrement, and rolls and rolls of sensitive film. Digital photography has opened up this exciting world to everyone. This is not to suggest that modern … Read more

Designing Your Perfect Meditation Room for Better Mental Health

Whether you are just learning about meditation or you have been practicing for years, you need a place to do it.  This cannot be just any place around the house.  Kids, pets, phone calls, TV, and other distractions tend to spoil the mood.  You need a space large enough for you to sit and quiet … Read more

Fusebox Replacement Cost: 2022 Consumer Unit Prices UK

A fusebox, more commonly known these days as a consumer unit is an important part of your domestic electrical circuits. Previously, all wiring emanated from one central location, the fusebox. This ensured that if faults occurred in any circuit, the corresponding fuse would blow, rendering the circuit unusable until the user replaced the fuse. Unfortunately, … Read more

Double Glazing Cost: 2022 Window Price Comparison UK

Most people agree that it is a wise move to reduce your heating bills. Not only does it give you more disposable income every month, but also it’s good for the environment. The best and easiest method to reduce energy loss in our homes is to insulate wherever we can. However, this doesn’t just mean … Read more

Conservatory Prices: 2022 Fully Fitted Cost Comparison UK

Installing a conservatory onto your home provides a useful and versatile extra room. Although the total installation cost of a conservatory won’t be less than a few thousand pounds, you will find that the extra space available will be worth every penny. A conservatory is a room made using a framework infilled with translucent panels … Read more

Disability Friendly Home Modifications

A guide to modifications you can make in the home to make it more disability friendly Few houses are equipped for the disabled, making many basic, household tasks impossible.  Luckily, refitting your home to be more accessible to those with disabilities is not as difficult as it sounds – and there are financial options available … Read more

Block Paving Prices & Cost Per M2 (for 2022)

Block paving is a common sight in the residential areas of the UK. Furthermore, it sometimes seems that almost every house has a driveway or patio constructed from block paving. Why is block paving installation so popular? Firstly, they are readily available from garden centres, builders merchants and home improvement stores. They come in a … Read more

Cost of Repointing Brickwork – House & Walls Guide (updated)

When you build a house or wall from stone, brick or concrete block (the ‘hard bits’) you need something soft and malleable to mould itself to the contours of the ‘hard bits’; will act as an adhesive to hold the ‘hard bits’ together; and to waterproof the joints between the ‘hard bits’. A professional will … Read more