Roof Cleaning Cost: 2020 Ultimate Price Comparison

How can you tell which roof in your street will probably need maintenance in a couple of years? Simple, decide which one has all the moss and algae growing all over it. If you neglect your roof, you’ll find these plants will grow out of control. Their roots will find their way into weaknesses in … Read more

Asbestos Removal Cost: 2020 Ultimate Price Comparison

Asbestos is a silica–based mineral found underground at many sites around the world. The ancient Greeks and Persians used it back in the day. But, we, in the west didn’t extensively use it until the middle of the 19th century. It’s flexibility and resistance to fire made it the obvious choice for many types of … Read more

Woodworm Treatment Cost: 2020 Price Comparison

A woodworm infestation is one of the commonest domestic pests you’ll find in the UK. They’re actually certain types of beetle larvae. The beetle lays its eggs within the structure of the wood, providing a food source when they hatch. The cost of woodworm treatment is around £30 per 25m2 or between £400-£900 in total. … Read more

CCTV Installation Cost: 2020 Camera Price Comparison

Have you ever considered having a home CCTV installation? These days, they’re not limited to celebrities and the wealthy. In fact, you can buy some good equipment for reasonable amounts of money. The cost for CCTV installation as a basic system, including four cameras, will be about £230 plus another £300 if you want them … Read more

How much does artex removal cost?

For those of you who don’t know, Artex is a textured surface coating usually applied to ceilings. The tradesman gives the slurry a repeating patterned texture using different shaped combs.   In the 1960s and 1970s, Artex covered many new build ceilings as it didn’t require plastering skills. So, painters and decorators usually applied the slurry … Read more

Fascia and Soffit Replacement Costs in 2020 

A fascia and a soffit are two completely different things but often referred to together so easily become confused.   After a builder installs a roof, there’s always an open gap between the rafters and the masonry walls. Generally, this gap doesn’t look very nice. And, it also allows rain and wind to enter the roof … Read more

Cost of Tree Removal: 2020 Full Price Guide

Tree surgeons or to give them their proper title, ‘Arborists’, deal with the cultivation and management of individual trees and shrubs. This contrasts with the work of a forester or logger.   Why would you hire one? Many properties have ornamental gardens surrounding the buildings. Sometimes the trees or shrubs grow out of control and present … Read more

Painting & Decorating Prices: 2020 Cost Comparison

Is your home looking tired and unloved? Brushing on a lick of paint is the simplest way to give your home an uplift. Home redecoration is perfect for improving and establishing your home’s character and yours. But, before you paint the outside, check with your local planning department first. Just to be on the safe … Read more

How much does it cost to build a house?

With the cost of buying a new or second-hand house as high as it is you might like to think about building one of your own. Although it might seem like a daunting job to either build your own house or even just project manage the building of one, it isn’t difficult so long as … Read more

How Much Does an Extension Cost? 2020 UK Price Comparison

With the rising costs of moving house showing no signs of slowing down, it’s understandable why many people choose to have an extension built on their existing home rather than buy another. However, you also have to understand that many people have got the rest of their house and garden just how they want it. … Read more