Burglar Alarm Cost: 2021 House System Installation Prices UK 

In these days of cost–cutting, you‘ll receive a substantial discount on your home contents insurance premiums if you install a home burglar alarm. Not only will the security system protect your valuables, but an alarm deters anyone thinking of breaking into your home.  In the UK, typical burglar alarm installation costs range between £125 and … Read more

Oil Boiler Cost: 2021 Replacement Combi Price Comparison UK 

Everyone needs hot water and heating to make life comfortable. But, which boiler do we choose, and what is the cost of a new boiler?    Most people agree that gas is the cheapest, cleanest fuel. But, if you live in a rural part of the UK without mains gas, the next best thing is an … Read more

Cost of Laying a Patio: 2021 Installation Prices UK

Patios are popular in the UK for a good reason. We don’t have much fine weather, but when we do, many people like to enjoy it. A patio gives us somewhere to relax and appreciate the outside.   However, many people still don’t have one. So, if you want to learn about laying a patio, and … Read more

Underpinning Cost: 2021 House Foundation Prices UK

Suppose you see large ugly cracks in your property‘s brickwork or notice doors and windows sticking after easing. You might have a problem with your property‘s structural movement and foundation subsidence. If so, then you must find out the cost of underpinning your house to solve the problem.   The average cost of underpinning in the … Read more

Chimney Liner Cost: 2021 Flue Liner Installation Prices UK

You might have a chimney built before 1965. Or, have a stove burning a different fuel from before. You might even have changed the capacity of your stove. Any of these reasons and more can mean you need a new chimney flue liner.   But how much do they cost in the UK?  Flue liner installation … Read more

Gravel Driveway Cost: 2021 UK Installation Price Calculator 

A gravel or shingle driveway looks traditional and straightforward. You can use different coloured or various shaped stones for a unique effect. And, it‘s permeable, so there‘s no problem with rainwater run–off. But how much do they cost to install?  To construct a loose stone driveway, you need more than just the top layer of … Read more

Triple Glazing Cost: 2021 Installation Price Comparison UK 

Triple glazed window units consist of three glass layers and two gas layers. Compared to double glazing, this prevents even more heat from escaping your home. And, reduces noise transmission. There are other benefits which we‘ll discuss later.  But, what is the average cost of triple glazing in the UK, and are the benefits worth … Read more

Boiler Service Cost: 2021 Annual Quote & Price Comparison UK

Although not a legal requirement for a private householder, all experts recommend gas boiler servicing to keep it in tip-top condition. But, how much is a boiler service and why should you have one?  A one-off boiler inspection in the UK costs on average between £60 and £100. But, won’t include costs of any spare … Read more

Kitchen Extension Cost: 2021 Rear Price Comparison UK 

Kitchen extensions vary in size and convenience depending on your requirements and budget. But, you can be certain of one thing. In the UK,  you’ll reap the money you spent out building a kitchen extension, many times over. Both, in terms of a better lifestyle and getting your money back when you eventually decide to … Read more

Wet Room Cost: 2021 Installation & Labour Prices UK

Some people imagine that wet rooms only exist in up-market movies or public bathing facilities. But, wet room prices aren’t only for the wealthy. These days, the average wet room installation costs in the UK  hover around £5000. Although this might seem to be a lot of money. With the average dimensions measuring about 2.5m … Read more