How To Get Grout Off Tiles: 3 Step Guide UK (Do This!)

Grout is an essential material when applying all kinds of tile. It’s a mix of cement, sand, and water used to fill in the gaps between the tiles to strengthen their bond and protect the edges from damage. But if the grout is left on the tile for too long, it will seal itself to … Read more

How To Wire A Ring Main (UK Ring Circuit): Do This!

A ring main is one of the most important parts of an electrical circuit. Officially called a ring circuit, it carries electricity from the consumer unit to the sockets.  Wiring a ring main is one of the most important tasks when building a new home. Whether you want to install it yourself or keep tabs … Read more

How To Fit Cooker Hood: 8 Step Guide UK (Do This!)

A cooker hood is an essential appliance in the kitchen. It is designed to control moisture in the air whilst cooking, preventing water and grease vapours from depositing onto your surfaces. Not only does it help prevent mould and mildew issues in the kitchen, but it also helps keep odours at bay. Ultimately, it makes … Read more

Internal Conservatory Roof Insulation Cost: 2022 Prices UK

Warm spring or autumn days in the UK are great if you have a conservatory. It provides a snug place to sit out of the wind. However, during summer, sometimes with temperatures above 40⁰C, it’s unbearable and often dangerous without ventilation. Conversely, the conservatory gets too cold in winter. So, why not insulate the roof … Read more

Kitchen Wrapping Cost: 2022 Price Comparison UK

Nothing dates a house more than the style of the kitchen. That’s why many people regularly replace the units, doors and worktops throughout their kitchen’s lifetime. But there’s a simpler and cheaper way to update your kitchen décor: cover the visible surfaces with a vinyl wrap. The average cost of wrapping a kitchen in the … Read more

Air Source Heat Pump Servicing Cost: 2022 Price Guide UK

Air-source heat pumps move heat from the surrounding air into your home. They use a refrigerant and is like a fridge running in reverse. The transfer only requires enough electricity to run the compressor and fan. The average cost of servicing a heat pump in the UK is around £150 plus VAT. However, if their … Read more

Basement Waterproofing Cost: 2022 Price Guide UK (per m2)

Increasing house purchase and rental prices might prevent you or your family members from moving from the family home. But, how do you provide extra living space? Converting your basement into another living area is a relatively low-cost solution compared to moving house. However, before moving Grandma into it, the room must be watertight and … Read more

Quartz Worktop Cost: 2022 Installation Price Calculator UK

If your kitchen worktop is tired and drab, it’s time to replace it with something new. But, you don’t need an entirely new kitchen. If you choose a stylish worktop, your kitchen will have a new lease of life and be transformed. And the one to select, quartz, is among the most stylish worktops available. … Read more

Carpet Cleaning Cost: 2022 Price Comparison UK (Per M2)

All carpets eventually need livening up. A newly installed floor covering is bright and has that fresh, clean smell. But over time, this deteriorates into a dull carpet that makes your room smell, especially if you smoke, you’ve pets that shed hair and cause stains, or kids that accidentally spill blackcurrant juice. The average cost … Read more

Block and Beam Floor Cost: 2022 Price Comparison UK (per M2)

For decades, the construction industry has used block-and-beam flooring in commercial buildings. But, it’s only recently that the method has become popular in the UK for domestic construction. Overall, the cost per m2 for block-and-beam flooring is more than for a concrete slab floor. But, labour charges are cheaper, and the installation takes much less … Read more