Secondary Glazing Cost: 2020 Price Comparison UK

Secondary glazing is the next best thing to having real double glazed units installed. There might be any one of many different reasons why you want to use secondary glazed units.  Maybe, you have perfectly good window frames and don’t want to rip them out yet. Or, perhaps you live in a listed building or … Read more

Window Replacement Cost: 2020 Fitting Prices UK 

There comes a time when even the most expensive windows become tired and in need of an uplift. But, just another repaint won’t be enough. If they’re made from wood, perhaps they are beginning to rot or split. If metal, then maybe you want something to prevent heat loss in your home.  One solution might … Read more

Pest Control Prices: 2020 Extermination Cost Comparison UK

Almost everyone enjoys the natural world outside our homes, and that world includes the lovely creatures that share our planet. However when these ‘outside creatures’ invade our homes and gardens, they aren’t so lovely, and we’ll do everything in our power to rid ourselves of the problem.   We’ll talk about the usual pests found in … Read more

Window Shutters Cost: 2020 Blinds Installation Prices UK

Window shutter blinds look great with just about any house style or with the wide range of window shapes currently available. But, appearance isn’t everything. Usually, both exterior and interior shutters provide many benefits to the average homeowner. They keep the light out and help to insulate your home from outside temperature extremes. But, probably … Read more

Dropped Kerb Cost: 2020 Driveway Lowering Prices UK

If you park your car on a driveway outside your house, you will probably already have a dropped kerb to make it easier to access the road.  However, if you don’t, be careful as it’s illegal to drive over a pavement without one. You see, normal pavements aren’t built to withstand the weight of a … Read more

New Boiler Cost: 2020 Replacement & Installation Prices UK

If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably already decided it’s time for a new boiler. But, you might find that the money you pay for a new boiler costs less than you thought it would.  Also, they come as an easily handled unit, so the labour involved when installing a replacement is at a minimum … Read more

Central Heating Installation Cost: 2020 New System Prices UK

Perhaps you’ve recently bought a house with electric storage heating or solid fuel fire. If so, you’re probably not very happy with their performance. More than likely, you’ll want to convert your present form of heating to a modern central heating system.   First, look at what you’ve got in the way of domestic heating and … Read more

Garden Landscaping Costs: 2020 UK Design & Service Prices

They say that the UK is a nation of gardeners. So, it’s no wonder that people spend many hundreds of pounds on a backyard makeover and many thousands of pounds if it needs landscape gardening too. Many households enjoy entertaining, relaxing or pottering in the garden, while others just want somewhere for the kids to … Read more

Skip Hire Prices: 2020 Rental Cost Comparison UK

Companies and private individuals use waste skips for the controlled disposal of waste. They’re useful because the only effort is to load them with the items we no longer need. This could be builders waste, recyclable waste, landfill waste, garden waste, or house clearance.   If you have a small amount of waste, a householder can … Read more

Damp Proofing Cost: 2020 Wall & House Treatment Prices

When we hear the word “Damp”, we imagine difficult and costly procedures, together with chaos in the home as a professional fixes the problem. Fortunately, damp in the home is quite common and we have many tried and tested remedies available to use. Furthermore, the cost of damp proofing internal walls, as well as external, … Read more