Swimming Pool Installation Cost: 2022 Build Price Comparison UK

Installing a swimming pool outdoors in the UK isn’t something one usually associates with everyday life. Indeed, aren’t those usually reserved for the celebrity lifestyle? The simple answer is no. The average cost of building a swimming pool in a garden ranges from about £1000-£3000 for a small, cheap, above-ground swimming pool installation. Usually, they’re … Read more

How Much To Wallpaper a Room? 2022 Ultimate Cost Guide UK

Perhaps your home needs decorating after all these years of looking at the same old magnolia paint. Why not forget emulsion paint this time and try wallpapering a room? There are many styles, colours and patterns, and with a bit of care, the paper will brighten up every room. The average cost to wallpaper a … Read more

Laminate Flooring Cost: 2022 Installation & Fitting Prices UK

Laminate flooring is a man-made floor covering comprising MDF covered with a protective plastic layer. The MDF can be printed as a wood, stone, or slate effect to give the impression of the real thing. In the UK, the average cost of installing laminate flooring per m2 depends on the type of finish, the thickness … Read more

Prefab Extension Cost: 2022 Modular Kit Prices UK

If you own your own home and have a family, you’ll know that space becomes tighter and tighter as the kids grow up. Eventually, you have no choice but to move house. But that’s not your only option! You can affordably increase your living space by choosing an instant home extension. In the UK, an … Read more

Oak Framed Extension Cost: 2022 Prices (per m2) Guide UK

If you want to build a standard budget extension, then you should look at structures made from Douglas Fir and other softwood species. However, choose premium hardwood such as oak to impress your friends and neighbours with an extension that’ll last. An average oak frame extension costs in the UK from £2,000-£2,700/m2 plus crane hire, … Read more

Up and Over Garage Doors Prices: 2022 Cost Comparison UK

Usually, up-and-over garage doors consist of a solid panel. Then, upon opening, it tilts out of the way, lifts above your head, and stows below the garage roof when opened. In the UK, a supplied and fitted, single, standard-sized steel up-and-over garage door costs around £550. Alternatively, for a timber version, this would be about … Read more

Radiator Replacement Cost: 2022 New Installation Prices UK

Keeping our domestic radiators in tip-top condition is essential if you want to stay warm this winter. But suppose a radiator has reached the end of its life or developed too much rust for proper operation. In that case, it’s worthwhile considering a replacement. But, how much does replacing a radiator cost? A new radiator … Read more

Gutter Replacement Cost: 2022 New Guttering Prices UK

Every house has guttering, but damaged joints cause leaks. Furthermore, the gutter material cracks and splits over time. It’s then that you need to replace the guttering protecting your house. Many people don’t understand that our buildings have roof gutters to protect the structural foundations from becoming exposed or weakened when the surrounding soil washes … Read more

Burglar Alarm Cost: 2022 House System Installation Prices UK 

In these days of cost–cutting, you‘ll receive a substantial discount on your home contents insurance premiums if you install a home burglar alarm. Not only will the security system protect your valuables, but an alarm deters anyone thinking of breaking into your home.  In the UK, typical burglar alarm installation costs range between £125 and … Read more

Oil Boiler Cost: 2022 Replacement Combi Price Comparison UK 

Everyone needs hot water and heating to make life comfortable. But, which boiler do we choose, and what is the cost of a new boiler?    Most people agree that gas is the cheapest, cleanest fuel. But, if you live in a rural part of the UK without mains gas, the next best thing is an … Read more