Polished Concrete Flooring Cost: 2022 Price Per M2 Guide UK

Polished concrete has been used in warehouses and workshops for decades. However, it’s only recently that they’ve become popular in the home. But are they expensive to install? The average cost of polished concrete floors in the UK ranges from £110-£160 per m2, which includes pouring the concrete then finishing and sealing it. Therefore, for … Read more

Kitchen Worktop Replacement Cost: 2022 Price Comparison UK

Unlike other parts of your home, a kitchen worktop deals with many issues; hot pans, sharp knives, and hot liquid splashes eventually damage the surface. Therefore, sometimes it’s a good idea to install a new kitchen worktop before the surface deteriorates too much. The average cost of kitchen worktop replacements in the UK varies with … Read more

Air Conditioner Installation Cost: 2022 Price Comparison UK

Summer’s becoming hotter in the UK, with additional long extended periods of sunshine in the spring and autumn. Therefore, more UK homeowners now install air-conditioning (also known as A/C or air-con) units to maintain cool indoor temperatures rather than leaving their windows open, which is a security risk and allows access for flying insects. The … Read more

Tree Stump Grinding Removal Costs: 2022 Price Comparison UK

After felling trees in your garden, you’ll have stumps remaining that are an eyesore and dangerous if you’re not careful. The remedy is to have them removed by extraction or grinding. In the UK, the average tree stump grinding and removal costs range from about £100 for a small stump to £500 for a large … Read more

Rubber Roofing Costs: 2022 Price Comparison UK (per m2)

If you’re building a shed, workshop, garage, or even a flat-roofed extension to your home, consider EPDM rubber roof installation as a weatherproof cover.  EPDM rubber is very affordable, considering it lasts for around 50 years if properly installed. The cost of a rubber roofing installation for a typical 15m2 single garage is around £900-£1350 … Read more

Tilt and Turn Window Prices UK: 2022 Cost Comparison

If your home needs sprucing up, choose uPVC Tilt-and-Turn windows. This efficient and versatile window system allows ventilation as well as increased security and safety in all weathers. They’re also easy to clean and look good too. But how much do they cost? In the UK, average single-opening  Tilt-and-Turn window prices range from  £250-£350 for … Read more

How Much to Tile A Bathroom: 2022 Price Guide (per m2) UK

Tiling a bathroom is an excellent way to make your smallest room look good, protect the surfaces from water damage and provide a virtually maintenance-free environment. The most popular tiles are ceramic, which only need an occasional wipe to remain sparkling like new. The average cost of tiling a bathroom in the UK  is about … Read more

Kitchen Island Cost: 2022 Price Comparison Calculator UK

Kitchen islands are a useful innovation in kitchen design, continuing the trend in open-plan living, popular among UK interior designers for many years. The worktop islands create a place for sinks, cookers, breakfast bars, and food preparation areas away from the traditional ‘around-the-wall’ worktops and kitchen units. The average, standard-sized kitchen island costs £250-£750. In … Read more

Laying Foundations & Groundworks Cost: 2022 Price Guide UK

Whenever we want something built, whether it’s a house, tower block or just a garden path, we need stable foundations on which to build. The types and sizes depend on the ground’s stability, the weight of the structure or extension, and other factors we’ll consider later. But, apart from lightweight structures and shallow foundations like … Read more

Cellar Conversion Cost: 2022 Basement Price Guide UK

With increasing house prices, it’s not always possible to move house when you want extra room in your home. Even building an extension might not be feasible if your property’s curtilage isn’t large enough. But, there’s another option which you might not have thought about; converting your cellar or basement. Typically, the average cost of … Read more