Wet Room Cost: 2021 Installation & Labour Prices UK

Some people imagine that wet rooms only exist in up-market movies or public bathing facilities. But, wet room prices aren’t only for the wealthy. These days, the average wet room installation costs in the UK  hover around £5000. Although this might seem to be a lot of money. With the average dimensions measuring about 2.5m … Read more

Electric Garage Doors Fitted Prices: 2021 Cost Comparison UK

Many people believe that getting a contractor to supply and fit an electric garage door is an expensive luxury. Why on earth would you want to have a garage door activated by remote control? Surely, it costs too much?  The average cost of an electric garage door in the UK isn’t as excessive as you … Read more

Electrician Prices List: 2021 Hourly Rates & Costs UK

Everyone at some point has put up with a short circuit or a localised power cut. It’s annoying, isn’t it? But what happens when it needs more than a new light bulb or resetting the circuit breakers? You’ll then need an electrician to diagnose the fault and fix it.  A typical electrician charges around £40/hr, … Read more

Plumber Costs: 2021 Call Out Charges & Hourly Prices UK

Plumbers are probably the only trade that you need to get in ASAP. If something goes wrong with anything electrical, just turn the circuit off and do without the television and electric lights for a day or two. But if there’s something wrong with the water supply or drainage, you need it sorted out now. … Read more

Gas Cooker Installation Cost: 2021 Fitting Price Comparison UK

Installing a gas cooker gives you more control when you cook on the hob and grill. You don’t have to wait for a hotplate or grill to warm or cool as happens with an electric cooker. Also, cooking with gas is cheaper than electricity.    So, you’ve two good reasons to choose a gas cooker over … Read more

Wood Burner Installation Cost: 2021 Log Stove Fitting Prices 

Are you tired of the high gas bills arriving every month? Would you like to use a form of heating that’s less damaging to the environment?  Well, how about installing a log burning stove in your home?  There are many cheap log burners available to buy that will fit into most existing fireplaces. For starters, … Read more

Solar Panels Cost: 2021 Installation Price Comparison UK

Wouldn’t you like to generate free electricity for use in your home, or to export to the UK National Grid? It seems like a dream come true, doesn’t it? Well, this is something you can do quite easily, with a little help from some photovoltaic (PV) solar cells. But, how much do solar panels cost? … Read more

Conservatory Roof Replacement Cost: 2021 Price Comparison UK

You bought a new conservatory a few years ago for quite a lot of money. So, why consider putting a new roof on it? There are many valid reasons to install a new conservatory roof. And, we’ll talk about those later. But, your top priority is probably to find out the cost of replacing a … Read more

Secondary Glazing Cost: 2021 Price Comparison UK

Secondary glazing is the next best thing to having real double glazed units installed. There might be any one of many different reasons why you want to use secondary glazed units.  Maybe, you have perfectly good window frames and don’t want to rip them out yet. Or, perhaps you live in a listed building or … Read more

Window Replacement Cost: 2021 Fitting Prices UK 

There comes a time when even the most expensive windows become tired and in need of an uplift. But, just another repaint won’t be enough. If they’re made from wood, perhaps they are beginning to rot or split. If metal, then maybe you want something to prevent heat loss in your home.  One solution might … Read more