How Long Does Plaster Take To Dry? UK Guide (Answered)

Used for the protective or decorative coating of walls and ceilings, plaster is one of the most popular construction materials in the UK.  No matter what type you use, you might be wondering how long plaster takes to dry before you can paint or drill holes in it to hang furniture and objects.  Plaster takes … Read more

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Halogen Hobs Pros And Cons: 6 Deciding Factors UK

Using infrared light to generate heat, halogen hobs are sought-after cookers. But are they worth it? Like anything else, they have pros and cons.  The main advantage of halogen hobs is their safety compared to both gas and electric cookers. Infrared light delivers instant heat, and the glass-ceramic cooktop is very easy to clean. However, … Read more

How To Fix Plasterboard To Wall: 6 Step Guide UK (Do This!)

Plasterboard offers an affordable alternative to wet plastering for smoothing walls before painting. The material also enhances thermal – and sometimes acoustic – insulation, and it can be used in all areas of your home, even in the bathroom. Fixing plasterboard to walls may seem challenging, but it’s actually easier than plastering. If you don’t … Read more

How To Cut Coving Corners: 3 Ways Guide UK (Do This!)

Crown moulding can add a stylish touch to any interior. Its role is to make a smooth transition between the ceiling and walls, hiding an uneven edge and masking painting mistakes. Installing it is easy, but many beginners struggle with cutting coving corners. If you’ve never installed cornices before, this guide will teach you how … Read more

How Long Does Gloss Paint Take To Dry? UK Guide (Explained)

Gloss paint is popularly used indoors in high traffic areas or for woodwork. Its overall appearance gives a fresh and clean look. When using this paint, you may wonder how long it takes to dry. It takes gloss paint two eight hours to dry, depending on the base paint mixture. Oil-based paints take longer to … Read more

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Grout is an essential material when applying all kinds of tile. It’s a mix of cement, sand, and water used to fill in the gaps between the tiles to strengthen their bond and protect the edges from damage. But if the grout is left on the tile for too long, it will seal itself to … Read more