Bow Windows Prices: 2022 Cost Comparison UK

Bow windows aren’t just a holdover from the Georgian and Edwardian eras; they are a beautiful window style that complements property from any period. They’re usually curved and protrude from the wall providing panoramic exterior views and extra indoor space. If you want to add a touch of sophistication and break up a large expanse … Read more

Gardener Costs: 2022 Prices & Hourly Fees Guide UK

Most of us enjoy sitting or pottering in the garden on a warm summer afternoon. But gardening is an all-year job, with many heavy or unpleasant tasks. Many consider grass cutting a weekly summertime job. But, many parts of the UK have such a mild climate that grass grows eleven months of the year. So, … Read more

Window Cleaning Prices: 2022 Costs & Full Guide UK

Many people don’t even consider cleaning windows until they become so dirty that you no longer have natural light in your home. But, routine home maintenance includes having your windows cleaned properly, which means professionally if you want to avoid scratches, smears, and unsightly marks. The cost of cleaning a window varies considerably across the … Read more

Soundproofing Cost: 2022 Floor & Walls Cost Guide UK

Soundproofing a room can be ideal for reducing noise from loud aircraft above, a nearby motorway, or noisy neighbours living in the adjoining flat. It’s also a good idea if you have a teenager who loves to play loud music or has a recording studio in the spare room. Generally, soundproofing your walls and flooring … Read more

Cost To Remove Load Bearing Wall: 2022 Price Guide UK

Many people decide that knocking down a load-bearing internal wall is the way forward when modernising their home. You can better use the available space and daylight in your property by knocking through a kitchen and dining room or providing additional doorways. The average cost of removing a load-bearing wall in the UK ranges from … Read more

Electric Shower Installation Costs: 2022 Price Estimates UK

Installing an electric shower in your home is one of the cheapest alternatives compared to other types of shower units you are likely to find in the UK. All you need is a cold water supply and a source of electricity. Then, you can turn a simple bath into a modern shower. Or, if you … Read more

Replumbing House Cost: 2022 Repiping Price Estimates UK

You might have been putting off replumbing your house for a long time because of the cost. It can be expensive, and you shouldn’t it do on a whim. But, sometimes, old plumbing must be replaced, especially if your home was built before the 1960s. In the UK, the average cost of replumbing a house … Read more

Cost of Moving Drains UK: 2022 Extension, Conservatory etc.

All homes have underground drainage systems connecting the kitchen and bathroom to the main sewer. Unfortunately, if you decide to build an extension or conservatory, sometimes you must consider moving drains and their access points, manholes and gullies. For a standard-sized drain, expect to pay, on average, £1500 to £3500, but estimates for more complex … Read more

Cost To Build A Shed: 2022 Installation Price Estimates UK

Building a garden shed is the answer to many storage problems in the UK if you live in a tiny modern home and don’t have a garage. But, what is the average cost of building a shed? Typically, a 6ft (1.8m) x 4ft (1.2m) shed costs about £700 to buy and install, whereas a 12ft … Read more