How Much Does It Cost To Build A Garage? 2021 UK Full Guide

Have you got a special car you want to keep indoors, out of the sun and the ice? Do you go cycling and have expensive bikes you want to keep under lock and key? How about somewhere to keep and use exercise equipment? If so, you’ll need somewhere to do all these things. A garage … Read more

Chimney Removal Cost: 2021 Price Comparison UK

Why on earth would anyone want to remove their chimney? That’s a good question and deserves a good answer.   With the rise in coal prices compared to gas, and now we have more regard for keeping the air clean, more and more people are turning to gas central heating. This means that the part of … Read more

How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost? 2021 Installation Prices

Artificial grass has come a long way since the early days. It was the sports industry that started it all off. They demanded a better surface on which to play. They wanted something that gave a consistent surface in any weather; snow, rain or sunshine. And, would look good under a domed arena with no … Read more

Cost of Rendering A House in 2021: Jobs For The Exterior Walls

Rendering the external walls of a house provides a cheap and effective way of making a home waterproof and attractive to look at. Finding someone to render your house is however difficult if you want the job done properly and don’t know where to start. Not only that, but you also need an experienced tradesman … Read more

How much does a Tarmac driveway cost? 2021 price guide

To the untrained eye Tarmac and asphalt seem to be the same. But in fact, asphalt’s constituents are crushed gravel and bitumen (refined from crude oil), whereas Tarmac uses natural tar (Tarmac is also a brand name). Driveway installers generally use asphalt more than Tarmac as its more convenient, but most people use the terms … Read more

Plastering Room Cost Guide (2021 updated)

If we live in an older house, we’ll probably find that the standard of plaster leaves a lot to be desired. Old houses settle over the years and anything brittle tends to crack and crumble with the movement. Among other things in the property, plaster falls into this category. Plaster has multiple functions in your … Read more

New Roof Cost: 2021 Replacement Price Comparison UK

No matter how much money we have, everyone likes a bargain basement purchase. However, when we need a new roof, we should never choose the cheapest. The roof is a vitally important protection, not only for the house itself but also for our belongings and ourselves. That’s why when we need a new roof we … Read more

Loft Conversion Cost: 2021 UK Price Comparison (Per M2)

Many homes have a volume of unused space above the living area. These largely stays empty except for storing old suitcases and Christmas decorations. What a waste! You might have a growing family or elderly parents that need looking after. If so, many householders choose to convert their loft into a living area or bedroom. … Read more

Garage Conversion Cost: 2021 Price Comparison UK

Would you believe me if I said that many people have an untapped resource in their homes that is often overlooked and completely wasted? Sure, if you need space for a growing family or elderly relatives, many people decide on converting their loft into a living space. It could become a bedroom with en-suite bathroom … Read more

Fusebox Replacement Costs (for 2021)

A fusebox, more commonly known these days as a consumer unit is an important part of your domestic electrical circuits. Previously, all wiring emanated from one central location, the fusebox. This ensured that if faults occurred in any circuit, the corresponding fuse would blow, rendering the circuit unusable until the user replaced the fuse. Unfortunately, … Read more