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Up and Over Garage Doors Prices: 2023 Cost Comparison UK

Usually, up-and-over garage doors consist of a solid panel. Then, upon opening, it tilts out of the way, lifts above your head, and stows below the garage roof when opened.

In the UK, a supplied and fitted, single, standard-sized steel up-and-over garage door costs around £550. Alternatively, for a timber version, this would be about £1250. Additionally, you can add £300-£500 onto the up-and-over garage door prices to install an electric door mechanism.

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Fortunately, there are a variety of designs and materials to suit most tastes and budgets. Moreover, although the majority lift by hand, many have an electric up-and-over garage door mechanism to help those who can’t or won’t get out of their car.

But why would you want a new up-and-over door for your garage?

If you keep a car, family bicycles, or tools in the garage, you need to make it secure from intruders. Therefore, although there are other more expensive secure doors available, a cheap up-and-over garage door is still the most popular and affordable door among homeowners in the UK. Furthermore, you can probably find cheaper house contents insurance for many years to come, just by buying a new garage door and electric opening mechanism.

Good reasons to change your garage door

Moreover, there are many valid reasons for installing an electric opening mechanism without just being lazy. Typical good reasons could be:

  • Disabled drivers might find difficulty getting in and out of the car. Furthermore, they might have problems opening the garage door manually.
  • Many people, not just elderly and infirm drivers, might find it difficult to open an up-and-over garage door without mechanical assistance.
  • Suppose you store the childrens’ bikes in the garage. They probably won’t manage to open the door without assistance from an adult. In this case, an electric opening mechanism is ideal.
  • Often, many people work unsociable shifts and drive to and from home late at night or in the early hours. Therefore, opening and closing the garage door from inside the car by remote control makes many people feel much safer.

How much for up-and-over garage doors?*

The following table outlines up-and-over garage door prices according to size, material, and opening mechanism.

Door MaterialSizeElectric or ManualEstimated PriceInstallation CostTotal Cost

Up & Over Door

Up & Over Door

Up & Over Door

* We have compiled the information in this article from various online resources. Because it is generalised data, you might not find the exact price shown here in your area. Not only that, but labour charges vary depending on your region in the UK. Labour charges in London and southeast England can be as much as 20% more than elsewhere. Therefore, you should use this data as a starting point for individual research based on your personal requirements. Finally, don’t forget that we haven’t included VAT.

Let’s have a more detailed look at the various materials discussed here.

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Steel Up & Over Garage Doors

Steel up-and-over doors start at around £500 and rise to just under £2000, fully fitted. You might find some cheaper than this, but they probably won’t be very good quality. Therefore, if you stick to prices near the ones shown in the table, you won’t go far wrong, and you’ll get a secure but affordable garage door. Different pattern designs are available, too; Profiles such as smooth, panelled and ribbed, allow you to choose one that doesn’t look exactly like your neighbour’s. And, of course, don’t forget you can choose an electric motor to help with opening and closing. Moreover, steel doors don’t need much maintenance. Just keep an eye on rust and paint it annually, and you’ll have a door to last many years.

Timber Up & Over Garage Doors

Varnished timber always gives a natural warmth and beauty to a property. However, they cost more to install than a door made from steel; typically, from around  £1200 to over £2500, fully fitted. However, the added beauty and sophistication often make the higher price worth it, especially if your door uses different wood species to produce pleasing patterns.

You can also choose an electric operation to make opening the door so much easier. Timber doors need more maintenance than steel. But, if you look after your investment, it will give you many years of service.

GRP Up & Over Garage Doors

Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) doors are sometimes incorrectly known as fibreglass doors. But, there’s a bit more to them than just this. They last a long time and need very little maintenance. Moreover, they won’t swell or rot like timber or rust like steel. They also come in many different colours or woodgrain. However, understandably, they’re the most expensive. Typically, to have a GRP door fully installed would cost between just over £1000 to almost £3000. But they are worth every penny.

Electric Door Mechanisms

Electric door opening mechanisms activate by either a wall-mounted control or a handheld remote. You can also choose from other accessories, such as key switches, wireless keypads, finger scanners, card readers and Bluetooth smartphone connections. Typically, installing electric openers costs from £300 to £500. Moreover, you can install a manual override in case of power cuts for around £100. But, besides power cuts, there is another problem with powered opening and closing. What happens if something gets in the way? This situation can be a serious safety issue. So, it’s not surprising that manufacturers have come up with two ways around it.

  • You must continually press the remote control to operate the door. This means that you can’t press the button and then walk away, leaving it unsupervised. Or, perhaps, become trapped underneath the door.
  • You can fit a sensor for around £150. This detects anything in the way and returns the door to its open or closed position, whichever is the safest option. This method allows you to control the door with just one press on the remote control.

How To Fit An Up-and-over Garage Door

Installing an up-and-over garage door is an easy job for a professional but not so easy if you’re an amateur and want to “have a go” at DIY. Therefore, although we’ll list the steps needed to install the doors, we won’t go into great detail. Every garage door frame is different and must be assessed on-site by the installer.

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Choose the door

Decide which door you intend to buy. And determine whether the door fits your requirements in every detail. Furthermore, if you want an electric opener, is this door compatible?

Repair subframe

Then, make sure the existing subframe is in good order. Up-and-over doors usually have a steel frame that fixes onto a wooden subframe already installed. When you remove the old door, check that the subframe is securely fixed to the brickwork. Also, ensure that the subframe doesn’t need any repairs to remove rotten wood. Finally, remember that an up-and-over door and frame is very heavy, and the wooden subframe will support all the weight. So, make sure it’s strong enough.

Measure the opening

Next, take accurate measurements for your new door. The door’s steel frame will sit within the existing wooden subframe. Therefore, you must accurately measure the opening with just a few millimetres of clearance.

Mark and drill subframe fixing bolts

You’ve now bought the new door and must fit it. First, position the subframe railings onto the side of the garage subframe and mark the location of the fixing bolts for the mounting brackets.

Install the frame

Install the frame onto the subframe, ensuring it is vertical and square within the opening.

Prepare top rail braces

A typical up-and-over door needs top rails fitted to braces hanging from the roof timber. Depending on the height of the garage roof, you might be able to use the roof joists as they are. Alternatively, build a framework down from the ceiling to the correct height for the braces.

Fit top rail to braces

Hold the top rails against the support brace and bolt into position. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, as the exact method will differ depending on the manufacturer, model, and garage design.

Connect door

Connect the springs onto the lifting mechanism and connect the door.

Check latch and lock

Check that the door opens and closes smoothly and ensure the handle, latch, and lock operates correctly.

Cost Factors

The cost of your new up-and-over door depends on many factors. We’ll look at some of these now.


We’ve already looked at the difference between the most common materials:

  • Steel.
  • Timber.
  • GRP.

Suffice it to say that each material’s cost varies. Therefore, you should choose which one you want depending on your preferences and budget.


Garage doors are available in sizes suitable for a single or double garage opening. On top of this, you have to make allowances for the actual subframe opening. Depending on the opening size, you might have to alter the existing subframe to suit the steel door frame.


Depending on whether the door is steel or timber, you might have to pay for the painting or varnishing of the finished door after installation. Alternatively, you could do this job yourself and save some money.  Generally, GRP comes in its finished colour.


Unfortunately, there are many poor-quality garage doors available to buy. They are usually easy to spot because the price will often be much lower than you would expect from the amounts mentioned in the table above. However, if you can’t tell from the price, try to inspect the door before purchase. Look at the joint quality and notice whether the material is too thin. Unfortunately, this allows the door to flex.

Labour costs

Labour costs can vary considerably depending on a few factors:

  • Whereabouts you live affects the labour rate. London and the southeast of England have the highest standard of living in the UK. Therefore, the labour cost will be correspondingly more expensive than in other parts of the country. Typically, labour charges might be up to 20% more than in other regions.
  • The size of the installation company affects prices. Large companies have higher overheads, so they usually charge more than single self-employed professionals.
  • Experience is a big factor. An experienced installation professional will be much faster than someone inexperienced. Because of this, they can also charge more to get the job done faster.
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You can buy accessories to improve the experience you have with your up-and-over garage door. If you decide on an electrical mechanism, the controls generally come with it. But, if you prefer, you can buy universal remote controls and key fobs online for between £10 and £50, depending on their features.

Ask the garage door installer which accessories will make your life easier before deciding on the door, as not all are compatible.

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Can you get insulated up-and-over garage doors?

Yes, there are many types available. Some insulation is designed for heat loss only, while others are for acoustic insulation. But of course, thermal insulation also has some acoustic insulation properties too. Alternatively, there are also some insulation kits for ready fitted garage doors. SuperFOIL produces a garage door insulation kit comprising 3mm heat-reflective bubble foil, available online for around £25. You can also find many draughtproofing solutions for your garage door as well.

What is the cheapest garage door?

The answer to this question depends on your preference. However, a steel up-and-over garage door is by far the cheapest you can buy.

How long do garage doors last?

Suppose you maintain your garage door correctly and protect it from the harmful effects of coastal salt air and ultraviolet light. In that case, there isn’t any reason why your door won’t last for 15 to 30 years. However, the springs and other moving parts are more likely to wear out before the door itself.

Typically, based on 10,000 cycle testing (1 cycle is equivalent to one-open/one-close operation), the following daily use affects the lifespan:

  • Twice daily use lasts around 14 years.
  • Four times daily use lasts around seven years.
  • Eight times daily use lasts about three years.

What should I look for when buying a new garage door?

There are several things to look for when buying a new garage door:

  • Security is probably the most important. Make sure the material is strong and of good quality. Also, ensure the door is compatible with mechanised opening technology.
  • Safety is probably the next most important. Ensure that the door opening mechanism uses a sensor to stop all movement and returns the door to its previous position. Alternatively, it can use another equally adequate method. This is especially important if you have children or pets.
  • Material. Choose a material that you are happy to look at every day and one that will last a reasonable length of time.
  • Choose a door that you can afford.

How do up-and-over garage doors work?

Simply put, this type of garage door runs along a series of vertical tracks while swinging into the horizontal as it reaches the top rails. To close the door, it follows the reverse route.


There are so many garage doors on the market that it’s often very difficult to choose the most affordable up-and-over garage door prices and get a good quality product. Don’t attempt to choose from one of the endless catalogues and online resources that are available. You need professional help selecting the best product and finding a professional who can install them properly.

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