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Skip Hire Prices: 2023 Rental Cost Comparison UK

Companies and private individuals use waste skips for the controlled disposal of waste. They’re useful because the only effort is to load them with the items we no longer need. This could be builders waste, recyclable waste, landfill waste, garden waste, or house clearance.  

If you have a small amount of waste, a householder can usually put it out for the kerbside waste collection or carry a couple of bags to the local waste recycling centre. Fortunately, skip hire prices are so reasonable that it’s worthwhile hiring one for a larger amount of waste.  

The UK Environment Agency and the local authority register local skip companies as a licenced waste carrier, licenced by. They will deliver the skip to a nominated place ready for you to load. Then, when you have finished with it, the company will return and transport it to the relevant disposal centre (also licenced by the Environment Agency). 

The UK produces about 200 million tonnes of waste each year. Therefore, the waste disposal industry must manage and separate this amount into recyclables, compostables, and landfill. Otherwise, we lose a valuable resource and risk drowning in rubbish. You can probably see that a large proportion of our waste can be diverted to other manufacturing facilities, with the absolute minimum being ‘thrown away’. 

Using a skip facilitates the waste stream diversion. Skip companies charge more if they handle mixed waste to encourage the general public to sort the waste stream before it enters the system. For example, we can easily divert scrap metal, scrap wood, topsoil and builders rubble to facilities for re-use if it’s already separated. Whereas, mixed waste goes to landfill or is laboriously sorted by hand.

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Skip Hire prices

Average prices vary depending on the size you require and how long you want to keep it. However, don’t just use the first budget skip hire company you find.  Many companies will rent for a fixed term after which they will collect it irrespective of whether you’ve finished loading, while others will be more amenable. Choose the company sensibly and hire a size to suit your requirements. For example, if you intend building a small pond in your garden, you’ll probably need a 4 ‘yard’ mini skip (actually ‘cubic yards’). Anyway, this size is equivalent to about 45 bin bags and costs no more than about £15 to £180 per week, with its lowest price being about £90). 

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Skip Hire Sizes & Price List

These days it’s not unusual to see a skip on many domestic driveways. In fact, many hire companies cater to the domestic market by offering cheap skips for home use only.  

Although the majority of mini skip hire companies just rent to householders, there are actually many different standard sizes, which are ideal for certain uses. Although these sizes have a 7 or 14-day hire rate, it’s often possible to negotiate a cheaper longer-term rate if necessary. Just ask your supplier for their best price.

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Below you will find the sizes & typical prices for skip hire in the UK.*

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4yard skip hire 

This is what you might know as a mini-skip. It has a volume of approximately 4 cubic yards (3m3).  

It holds about the same as 40 bin bags of waste and is ideal for minor kitchen and bathroom renovations as well as large garden jobs. Costs are between £280 and £365 per 14 days. 

6yard skip hire 

Its volume is about 6 cubic yards (4.6m3) and holds the equivalent of 50 to 60 bin bags full. This is ideal for mediumsized renovation projects like a kitchen or bathroom. And,  good for a garage clear-out. Builders mostly used this size. They cost about £363 to £514 per 14 days. 

8yard skip hire 

The 8 cubic yard skip (6.1m3) holds about 60 to 80 bin bags. Usually, these suit bulky yet lightweight items. Costs are between £433 and £570 per 14 days. 

12yard skip hire 

The 12 cubic yard skip (10.2m3) holds the equivalent of 120 bin bags full of waste. Companies commonly use these for scrap metal, wood, plastic and packaging waste. This size skip isn’t suitable for soil, rubble or concrete as it’ll be too heavy to lift. It costs between £633 and £654 per 14 days.

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16-yard skip hire 

The 16 cubic yard skip (12.2m3). It’s suitable for heavy construction and demolition waste, as well as any other heavy material. It’ll hold the equivalent of about 195 black bin bags. Costs vary from about £770 to £780 per 14 days. 

30yard skip hire 

This 30 cubic yard skip (29.5m3) is a roll-on/off skip. This means it’s pulled onto the lorry, not lifted. It’s perfect for large volume commercial waste producers and holds approximately 330 black bin bags full of waste. It costs from about £750 up to £900 per 14 days. 

Lockable skip hire 

These come in a variety of sizes, with various prices. Usually, sizes vary from 8 to 18yard skips. These are great when you want to keep the contents protected or prevent other people from using your skip uninvited. Prices range from £200 to £300 per week.

*Prices from skiphirecomparison

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Hiring a Skip – Cost Factors 

More factors affecting skip hire rates include: 


London and southeast England will be the most expensive. Although, prices will be lower in areas with many skip providers. 

Council permit cost 

If you haven’t enough room on your driveway or in your garden to store the skip, it must sit on the road. You need a council permit for this and the skip must be visible at all times. Fees vary depending on the area in which you live, but will likely be between £15 and £60. It’s really easy to apply for one. Just click on this link to start the ball rolling if you live in England and Wales or here if you live in Scotland.  

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Rental period 

Although it might seem like a good idea at the time. If you go looking for companies that don’t have time limits on rental, you’ll find you’re paying a lot more. Usually, a skip hire company has a certain number of skips available and they need each one to be earning as much as possible. So, if it’s sitting on your driveway it needs to be earning. Try to find a firm that has a one or two week hire period, with a small fee if you go over the set time. 

Weight limits 

Each skip has its weight limit so that the collection lorry can safely lift and carry it away. It’s very important to adhere to the weight limits as the hiring company will be heavily fined if they go overweight. And, they as a matter of course, will pass the fine onto you. So, make sure you don’t overfill the skip or you’ll be partially emptying it when the lorry turns up. If you’re not sure how much you can fill it, just ask the skip company for guidance. They’ll be more than happy to help. 

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Do you need a skip? 

If you’re having a clear-out of grandma’s house after inheriting it. You probably won’t need a skip at all. Many ‘house clearance’ companies will remove all the junk for free or for a nominal fee. So, don’t automatically assume you need a small skip 

Other items 

Don’t forget the hidden costs. I’m talking mainly about VAT here. Most skip companies do a lot of business with commercial construction and engineering companies. Therefore, you’ll find they give the skip hire prices excluding tax. However, you and I, as private individuals, only understand prices including  VAT. Make sure you know what’s happening and whether VAT is extra to the advertised price. 

Restricted Items 

There are a few items, you can’t normally put into a skip. Either theyre banned completely or you‘ll have to pay a surcharge because it costs more for the skip company to get rid of it. Although there are more items, the materials that come to mind include 

  • Asbestos. 
  • Liquid paint. 
  • Oil. 
  • Plasterboard. 
  • Tyres. 
  • Batteries. 
  • Refrigeration appliances. 
  • Electronic equipment. 
  • Medical waste. 

If you aren’t sure about an item, just ask the company. Don’t try to hide it underneath other stuff.

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In most area of the UK, the skip company has to apply for the permit to place their skip on the public road. Some places, however, require the hirer to do it. And, it’s not only skips that need them. You also need one for skip bags and ‘hippo bags’. Scotland has different rules for permits. 

There are some restrictions, you must observe with skips in public areas. The skip company should already know about these, but you must understand the requirements too. 

  • Don’t put the skip on a pavement. 
  • Put safety lights on and around the skip. 
  • Reflective patches on the skip. 
  • Traffic cones at all times. 
  • Nighttime safety lamps. 
  • Name and contact details of the skip company. 

If the restrictions and requirements aren’t followed then you could receive a fine of up to £1,000.

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Skip Hire FAQs 

Can I hire a skip for a day? 

Usually, the minimum term is about 7 days, 14 days or 1 month. However, if you only want a skip for a day or two, expect to be charged for a week. Having said that, many skip companies have special ‘weekend’ rates for domestic customers when commercial clients are closed. 

How high can you pile a skip? 

It’s illegal for the skip lorry driver to move a skip whose load is higher than the sides. Therefore, only load to the top of the permanent sides. If you have any loose items, the driver will place a net over the load to prevent blowing onto the highway. 

Can a skip be lifted over a wall? 

Yes, depending on the specifications of the lorry. Usually, the lorry can lift over 2 to 3 ft hedges or fences. However, they won’t accept liability for any damage. 

Can you put a skip on a single yellow line? 

Yes, you can. But, you must have a permit from the local council. Prices for a permit will vary depending on the council. So, contact them first. Or, notify the skip hire company of any parking restrictions so they can do it for you. 

How do I stop people from using my skip? 

There are 5 ways to do it. 

  1. Tell the neighbours you expect a skip delivered and what it’s for. Then, you say that they can top it up after you’ve finished with it. 
  2. Place it on private land. People are less likely to use someone else’s skip if it’s in your driveway or garden. 
  3. Use one with a cover or lid. Hire a lockable skip or place a heavy tarpaulin over the top. 
  4. Illuminate it. Place motion sensors with lights around the skip. To be honest, though, this only really works if the skip’s on private land. 
  5. Put a big sign up! Paint a piece of plywood asking people not to place their rubbish into the skip. This might or might not work. But at least you’ve tried. 

What happens to the stuff in a skip? 

That depends on what’s in it. It’s also why skip companies prefer it if you only put one type of waste in the skip. If you have scrap metal, it doesn’t need to be sorted, but immediately sold on to metal recyclers. Soil and hardcore might go to landfill. Wood will go to chipboard manufacturers. Garden waste ends up as compost. 

Do skips have drain holes? 

No. If they did, there’s a chance that contaminated rainwater might end up in watercourses and ponds. This is against the law, so skips will be watertight. A little bit of rain won’t hurt unless the skip is left open for months.  If you expect heavy rain, cover the skip with a tarpaulin to prevent water from getting inside. 

Find local skip companies

A skip will save time and effort for you and the builder working at your home. All you need do is load the skip and leave the hiring company to come and collect it. You’ll know that a registered waste handler, will dispose of your rubbish according to the local and national waste disposal regulations. 

Complete the form on this page and you’ll receive 3 to 4 quotes from licenced waste handlers with the cost of skip hire near to you.

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