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Karndean Flooring Cost: 2023 Fitting & Installation Prices UK

Karndean is a company who specialises in manufacturing luxury vinyl flooring.

Vinyl is a durable and wear-resistant material perfect for making into floor coverings. The surface is softer than most other hard floor coverings and is very resistant to stains.

Vinyl flooring comes in different thicknesses and qualities and this will determine its durability. Karndean, however, is of the best quality and has different thicknesses among its range. In fact, even though it is expensive, Karndean is one of the most popular floor coverings in the world. The cost of Karndean flooring is much less than polished and finished hardwood or stone, yet visually, looks almost the same.

Karndean’s manufacturing process is different from other similar floor coverings. It consists of 5 individual layers. There are 2 PVC backing layers, 1 photographic layer, 1 clear layer made from embossed PVC, topped off with a clear polyurethane protective layer. All Karndean floorings tend to have a glossy finish.

Karndean flooring is so very different from the other manufacturers serving the domestic market.

The flooring is affordable even when its quality is compared with other high-end floor covering companies.

The flooring comes with a hygienic and protective polyurethane coating. Therefore it has a non-porous surface, preventing germs, dirt and other unpleasantness from lodging inside the cracks.

It is so easy to maintain. You won’t have to give it long and intensive cleans. Just sweeping with a broom and washing with a mop will be enough to keep the surface clean.

Lastly, the five layers of Karndean’s vinyl flooring reduce scuffs and scratches and provides a durable surface that will last a long time.

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What is Karndean flooring?

Karndean vinyl flooring is arguably one of the best affordable vinyl floor coverings available. As you might expect with a high-quality product like this, Karndean floor installation isn’t suitable as a DIY job. The product requires a pre-prepared subfloor to ensure the finished surface is as smooth as possible. Remember that only a professional can lay this floor covering and if it isn’t done as the manufacturer specifies, you will find you have an invalidated guarantee.

Before laying the vinyl onto a subfloor, the installer must confirm that moisture levels aren’t above 75% RH (relative humidity). Concrete floors can take many weeks or months to dry out properly after laying so new builds often have this problem.

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The type of subfloor you have will determine the method of preparation. If the floor is timber then overlay with plywood and feather finish the joints. Use a smoothing compound if the floor is in really bad condition. If you have a concrete floor, use a smoothing or screeding compound to level the surface.

When the compound has dried smooth and the subfloor is ready for the vinyl, leave the flooring in the room to acclimatise at room temperature. The professional then installs the Karndean flooring using the recommended adhesive.

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New Karndean flooring prices & cost of installation

The Karndean flooring is categorised into ranges, and each range contains a number of styles. Charges include preparation of floor and installation of vinyl.

Karndean RangeDuration (days)Material costs £/m2Labour charges £/person/day
Opus1 to 7From £25£100 to £200
Palio Clic1 to 7From £27£100 to £200
Da Vinci1 to 7From £28£100 to £200
Korlok1 to 7From £35£100 to £200

These figures will vary depending on the amount of preparation needed to the subfloor as well as the complexity of the vinyl’s pattern and what type of border you choose. The floor must be perfectly flat and smooth for best results so any variation from this will increase the fitting time and decrease the quality of the finished floor. Remember that jobs done in London and the Southeast will be charged at a premium compared to the rest of the country.

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Prices per room

New homes being built at the moment have an approximate average area of 70m2. Using this figure,  the material cost will range from £1,750 to £2,450. While the duration of the installation depends on the state of the subfloor and how easy it is to match the pattern, the labour charges shouldn’t be more than £1,400

Each room has an average area that we can use as an estimation across the house:

  • For a bathroom with an average size of 6.25m2, the materials will cost about £160 to £220.
  • In a kitchen of average size 13.5m2, the floor covering will cost between £340 to £470.
  • If your hallway has an average size of 5m2, the vinyl flooring will cost between £130 and £180.
  • For a bedroom with an average size of 13.65m2, the materials will cost between £340 and £480.
  • In a living room of average size 20.35m2, the vinyl flooring will cost between £510 and £710.
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How do you lay Karndean flooring?

Don’t even think about laying a Karndean floor unless you are a professional who has been suitably trained. Otherwise, your Karndean guarantee will be invalidated.

Before installation, the subfloor surface must be flat and smooth.

Cover a timber floor with screwed-down plywood and lay a coat of feather finish screed. For concrete floors, screed or use a self-levelling compound to achieve the desired finish.

Allow the moisture levels in the room to fall below 75% RH. Acclimatise the flooring to the temperature of the room and finally install using the recommended adhesive.

Should you use cheap Karndean flooring?

All Karndean flooring is of high quality and the average retail prices will be in the region of between £25 to £35 per m2. Although the price is a bit steep for a vinyl floor covering, Karndean flooring is less prone to wear and tear, and lasts longer than most other comparable brands. So it is essential that you pay for the best quality you can afford.

Is Karndean vinyl flooring waterproof?

Karndean vinyl flooring is waterproof so it can be used in a bathroom or in a kitchen. But it is not suitable for use in a wetroom or outside.

If you use it in a room where it is likely to be exposed to water, you should take care. The surface is smooth and as with all smooth surfaces, they can become slippery when wet. Always wipe up any spilt water as soon as possible to avoid an accident.

Can you put Karndean over floorboards?

Yes, you can, but the floorboards will need to be covered with large sheets of at least 6mm thick plywood screwed to the floor. Make sure the screw heads are countersunk and the plywood is sealed with Karndean sealer. In addition, the joints between the plywood need to have a coat of feather finish screed. Basically, you need a flat and smooth surface with little or no movement.

Is Karndean OK for bathrooms?

Karndean is perfect for bathrooms as long as the floor is smooth, flat and has very little movement. If the floor is timber, cover it with at least 6mm thick plywood and a coat of feather finish screed. The flooring is not suitable for rooms that have a lot of water such as wetrooms.

Is Karndean flooring suitable for kitchens?

Yes, Karndean vinyl flooring is ideal for installing in kitchens. However, do not allow hot surfaces such as an oven or open fire to come into contact with the flooring.

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All Karndean flooring products have a glossy finish and become slippery when wet. You must, therefore, be careful if you spill liquids onto the flooring. Wipe them up as soon as you can to prevent an avoidable accident.

Does Karndean flooring shrink?

Before installing the flooring, spread out the floor tiles in the room in which they will be installed for between 24 and 48 hours. This will allow them to acclimatise to the ambient temperature. During this period the floor tiles will expand or shrink depending on the temperature. Once the flooring has been fixed to the subfloor by a qualified installer, however, there should be no further movement.

What are the alternatives to Karndean flooring?

No-one can deny that Karndean floors are more expensive than cheap vinyl flooring. But, they are exceedingly good quality and that is what you pay for. However, there are some cheaper alternative brands that supply similar flooring and if you are on a budget then you can find out what these have to offer. You never know, they might satisfy your requirements.

  • Quick-Step Livyn.
  • Lifestyle Floors.
  • Parador.
  • Cavalio

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How do I maintain my Karndean floor?

To get the best out of a product you should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for maintenance and cleaning.

Initially, when the flooring is new, do not wash or place furniture onto it for 24 hours.

You can clean a Karndean floor by firstly sweeping the surface with a soft broom to remove grit and dirt. After that, mop the floor with a solution of one part Karndean Routing Cleaner with three parts cold water. Use a damp mop, not wet, and allow the entire surface to dry. On no account must you use non-Karndean approved cleaning products as they may damage the floor’s surface.

Do not use a rubber mat or use furniture with rubber feet on your Karndean flooring. Certain substances used in the rubber manufacturing process may cause staining.

There are various cleaning products and practices recommended by Karndean. Visit their website for more information.

Still Looking For A Kardean Floor Fitter?

If you pay for a good quality floor covering it makes sense to also have it fitted by a trained installer. Karndean flooring prices reflect the high quality of the finished product, so you should have the installation done by a trained Karndean installer. This doesn’t mean you should accept the first quotation you are given, however. Always get three independent quotes so you can compare the types of package they offer.

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