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Conservatory Roof Replacement Cost: 2023 Price Comparison UK

You bought a new conservatory a few years ago for quite a lot of money. So, why consider putting a new roof on it? There are many valid reasons to install a new conservatory roof. And, we’ll talk about those later. But, your top priority is probably to find out the cost of replacing a conservatory roof.

You’ve probably already noticed that your conservatory isn’t the ideal living room. In the summer it’s too hot for comfort, while, in the winter it’s too cold. And, the blinding glare of the sun through the roof gives you a continual migraine.  You’ve probably also noticed the loud noise when it rains. The roof acts like a drum skin. So, even a light shower drowns out normal conversation.

All in all, what could have been a relaxing place to sit and view the garden. Or, read a book in the sunshine, just doesn’t happen. So, how can you bring the room back to being a useful part of your home?

The best way is to replace the original clear conservatory roofing with an insulated and opaque alternative. Furthermore, the cost to change your conservatory roof isn’t too expensive either. If your budget allows for an amount between £3000 to £5000 for a small conservatory. And, £5000 to £7000 for a large one, you should be okay.

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New Conservatory Roof Costs

Your conservatory can be almost any size and shape, within the limits specified by your local council. But, for obvious reasons, we can’t list the prices for all. Instead, we’ll try to give you an idea of the most popular conservatory roof replacement costs. The following figures (which are approximate) represent a typical lean-to conservatory measuring about 3m x 3.5m (10.5m2).

Roof materialMaterial costLabour costCost/m2Total cost
Plastic shingles£6700£1800£810£8500

More complex roof styles will need higher labour costs because they take longer to build. Prices also include VAT.  In the UK, prices are always between 10% and 20% higher in and around London. So, bear that in mind if you live in this area.

Example Cost Calculator

So, which material should you use for a conservatory roof conversion? They each have their pros and cons and we should look at these some more.

Polycarbonate roof

If you’ve bought a conservatory in the past 20 years, it probably came with a polycarbonate roof. So, why replace the conservatory roof with the same material?

Simply this, old polycarbonate starts to deteriorate after about 10 to 15 years. And, before that, you’ll find some fading from the UV sunlight. New polycarbonate is stronger, thicker, and has protective layers to filter harmful UV light.

In general, it’s easier to make, transport, handle, and install than other materials. So, it has cheaper labour and purchase costs than other materials.

It doesn’t insulate well against noise. And, to be in a polycarbonate roofed conservatory during a heavy rainstorm is deafening.

A typical polycarbonate roof costs between £3200 and £8500.

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Glass roof

Replacing your conservatory roof with glass allows the room to appear bright and airy. But, there’s no need to worry about UV light, heat loss, and noise.

These double glazed panels:

  • Come in many tints.
  • Are energy-efficient.
  • Reduce noise pollution.
  • And even come with self-cleaning options.

Unfortunately, double glazed panels are heavy, but they look good.

Typical glass-roofed conservatories cost between £3500 and £9000, including VAT and installation.

Plastic shingle roof

These look good on modern and traditional structures. If you replace your conservatory roof with these, it’ll look like a normal extension. You’ll also feel happier turning the conservatory into a playroom for the kids. But, it doesn’t end there. It can also be a lounge area, a kitchen, a home office, or any room you desire. Manufacturers use recycled plastic to create these and they are well insulated. So, they are energy efficient, temperature-controlled, and reduce sound.

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Typical prices for a plastic shingle roof range from £7000 to £11000 including installation and VAT.

A tiled or solid roof

If you replace your conservatory roof with tiles or solid fibreglass, you’ll make the area feel like a normal room. You can include insulation beneath the top layer which is also made from insulating materials. Like the shingled roof, you can convert your conservatory into almost any room without building an extension.

A solid or tiled roof will cost between £7000 and £11500 (including VAT and installation) depending on size and style.

Conservatory roof styles

All conservatory roof materials work well with the standard UK styles.

  • Lean-to. These are very common in the UK and are the cheapest to buy. They have three straight sides placed against an existing house wall.
  • These are more rounded with high roofs. Typical Victorian styles have a bay fronted shape with up to 5 sides and an ornate ridge along the roof.
  • These are the next most common UK style. Usually, they’re built with a brick dwarf wall. Although commonly used with a polycarbonate roof, they look good with any material.
  • These are sometimes known as double hip or hipped-back Edwardian. Georgian is similar to Edwardian, but, they have a larger footprint. So, you might need planning permission before starting. They look good with many different styled houses even if they’re not Georgian properties.
  • Gable fronted. These have a vaulted glass-panelled roof allowing lots of sunlight into the room. They suit larger properties, with an existing gable end, against which the conservatory stands.
  • These are common with orangeries. They have a solid roof with a flat open section in the centre. A glazed lantern structure rises from this area and provides added light into the room.
  • P-shaped. These combine lean-to and Victorian styles. They have a long section with a short round addition resembling the letter ‘P’. These suit large detached properties
  • L-shaped. These combine Edwardian and lean-to features. They resemble the letter ‘L’ and can either run around an internal or external corner of the property.
  • T-shaped. These resemble the letter ‘T’, and usually sit alongside a long wall. The extra part resembles a Victorian, Gable-end, or many other styles.

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Benefits of reroofing your conservatory

So, what benefits come with a new conservatory roof?

If it’s opaque:

  • You’ll have lower energy bills with a more thermally efficient conservatory.
  • Its inside temperature will be steady throughout the year. You might even call it the ‘Goldilocks’ room. Not too hot, not too cold, but just right.
  • And, you’ll have much less noise from rain and wind.

Or, you might prefer to stay with a translucent roof.

If so, modern double glazed units make a big difference. Furthermore, modern glass can be anti-glare, thermally efficient, and self-cleaning.

Overall, the cost to change the material for re-roofing your conservatory will depend on many factors.

  • Material. We’ve already mentioned glass as a replacement. Let’s assume we choose a simple glass roof for a lean-to structure. It measures about 2.5m x 3m. So, the materials will cost about £3000, while installation will be about £800. You could also use lightweight tiles, shingles, GRP, or fibreglass, to name a few.
  • Size. The footprint often governs the style of your roof. Smaller ones tend to have lean-to roofs, while larger ones have pitched roofs.
  • Shape. You can replace the roof on any shape conservatory. But, complex shapes take longer and cost more.
  • Weight. A large roof area will be very heavy if you choose double glazed glass or tiles. If it used to be a polycarbonate roof, it might need stronger frames to support the extra weight. A professional conservatory company or structural engineer can help you.

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Replacement Conservatory Roof Companies

Many companies in the UK have the skills to replace a conservatory roof. And, those listed below are just a few. If they don’t operate in your area, you can probably find one that does, especially if you fill out the quotation form on this page.


Cosyroof state they are the UK’s leading conservatory roof specialists. They cover the whole of the UK and the Republic of Ireland. And, have regional offices in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and England. Furthermore, they have a 10-year guarantee on their work and make each solution to fit.

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CosyRoof website

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Leka Systems

Leka specialise in lightweight tiled conservatory roofs and use an internal insulation board. Also, they use GRP structural roof rafters complying with BS EN13706. So, the entire system weighs about 10% of a typical glass roof. And, the existing frames can usually support the weight without extra strengthening. The company covers all the UK and the Irish Republic.

Leka Systems website


Supalite Tiled Roof System use a mix of lightweight imitation tile and slate with glass window panels. They produce a ‘flatpack’ kit suitable for their network of authorised technicians to easily install. Everything is drawn up using the latest software before being cut to size using fully automated CNC cutting machinery. Furthermore, the Extralight shingle tile is the only one tested to 10 degrees by the Building Research Establishment.

SupaLite website

ThermoTec Roofing Systems (Insulated roof)

Thermotec make insulation panels designed to replace your existing roof, panel-for-panel. So, it’s a simple job to remove the existing panels and slot in the new aluminium and Styrofoam ones. Thermotec panels have a 10-year guarantee.

ThermoTec website

Equinox (Vega) Tiled Conservatory Roof System

Equinox is part of the Eurocell company that produces uPVC fascias, soffits, doors, and windows.  The company produces insulating roof panels to keep the heat where you want it. Inside, during the winter and outside, during the summer. They also make lightweight GRP Equinox tiles. Usually, even with everything replaced, the total weight is well within the range allowed on your conservatory frames.

Equinox Website

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Signs that your roof requires replacing

You’ll soon realise when you need to replace your conservatory roof. There are certain tell-tale signs that you should look for.

  • When the windows and doors are closed, do you feel cold draughts and temperature changes?
  • When the wind blows, do you hear rattling in the roof?
  • Have you noticed mould and moss growth inside the polycarbonate panels? You might also notice growths underneath the panels where they sit within the structural roof supports.
  • If you have a polycarbonate panelled roof, it might look discoloured or faded. If so then UV sunlight is starting to degrade the material.

How Long Does The Work Take?

Every conservatory is different in size, style, and roofing material. Having said this, a typical replacement roof can take anywhere from 1 day for simple, small roofs, to 3 to 5 days for more complex roof styles. However, this is purely the time taken to install the roof. Additionally, you must take into account the design and manufacturing stages. Where possible, the installer prefers to cut everything to fit in a workshop or factory, to produce a flat-pack for assembly on site. So, you can expect your roof to take at least 3 to 5 weeks before it arrives on site.

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Other Considerations

The answer to the previous question also depends on a few other factors:

  • What type of roof material do you intend using?
  • Do you need internal plastering?
  • Are the existing wall frames strong enough to support the new roof?

Some replacement roofs need insulation board or plasterboard on the ‘indoor’ surface. This creates a finish like a normal ceiling.

You might choose the Thermotec system. If so, the installers replace existing roof panels with their insulated counterparts. Or, if you choose other materials, they might remove the roof supports too, before installing a new roofing system.

If your original conservatory has lightweight roofing panels. And, you intend replacing these with double glazed units. You might need the wall panels or foundations strengthened to support the extra weight.

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Planning Permission & Building Regulations

Usually, you won’t need additional Planning Permission to replace the conservatory roof. Before 2010 the planning regulations stated all conservatory roofs must be at least 75% translucent. Since then, local councils have allowed us to install solid roofs. However, if you live in a listed building, you should contact your council. Then, you can confirm whether there aren’t any more restrictions.

Building Regulations, however, are a different matter.

Usually, conservatories are exempt from Building Regulations. But, you must still follow the safety and energy efficiency aspects:

  • Restrictions on floor area.
  • Needing external walls, doors, and windows to separate the conservatory from the rest of the house.
  • It must have a separate heating system.
  • The glazing system must follow the appropriate regulations and be FENSA
  • The electrical circuits must follow appropriate electrical regulations.
  • All external doors and windows must follow the requirements about ventilation, fire safety, thermal heat loss, and safety glazing.
  • Window and door installation contractors must be FENSA registered.
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Also, remember that the existing conservatory was designed to support its original roof material. But, if you replace polycarbonate roof panels with glass or something heavier than the existing roof. You might have a very unsafe structure. If so, you must prove that the existing wall panels and foundations can accept the additional load. Ask the company, from whom you intend to buy the replacement roof. They can advise you about this and provide the relevant ‘proof’ needed by the Building Control Inspector.

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Top 5 Tips: What to Ask Your Roofer

  1. Is it really necessary to replace my conservatory? You might notice certain signs to suggest your conservatory roof is deteriorating. However, ask a professional to confirm this. Get 2 or 3 different opinions on the state of the roof. This prevents someone from trying to ‘hard sell’ their product.
  2. What roofing options can I choose from? Products range from modern polycarbonate, through double glazed units, to lightweight shingles and tiles. You should also ask your local authority, whether ‘in your case’ you’ll need Building Regulations approval.
  3. Are you FENSA certified? All reputable installation companies dealing with glass should be certified. If yours isn’t, look elsewhere, and find someone who is.
  4. How long will it take to install my replacement roof? This mainly depends on the size of your conservatory. Also, what material you’ve chosen for the new roof. And, whether you need to strengthen the wall panels or foundations. The installation company will be able to answer all these questions.
  5. Have you the correct insurance? Confirm with the installation company that they hold appropriate insurance. If they’re reputable then they probably will. But, you should check anyway.

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Conservatory Roof Replacement FAQ

What is the best type of roof for a conservatory?

The answer depends on your budget and what you want to achieve from your conservatory. Materials at one end of the scale range from good quality polycarbonate, thicker than before, and available in different tints. To double glazed energy-efficient panels. At the other end, we use solid GRP panels with insulation or lightweight shingles. Each material has its pros and cons and you must compare these against your requirements.

Are insulated conservatory roofs any good?

Yes, they are.

Insulated conservatory roofs allow us to use our conservatories all year-round. Without insulation, the summer will be unbearably hot.  While the winter will be unbearably cold.

Insulation improves our energy bills, provides consistent all-round temperature, so we can use the room all year.

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How long does a polycarbonate conservatory roof last?

Modern polycarbonate roofs should last for at least 20 years providing:

  • They have been installed correctly.
  • You’ve followed all the manufacturer’s instructions on regular maintenance and cleaning.

Will my conservatory support a tiled roof?

Use lightweight tiling designed specifically for conservatories. Then usually, the existing wall frames and foundations will support the roof. However, before going ahead, ask the installation company for written confirmation. Or, ask an independent structural engineer.

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Can I get financing from conservatory companies?

Yes, if you have a suitable credit rating.

Most reputable replacement roof companies offer finance deals for their products. Usually, well-known finance companies handle financing deals and offer affordable monthly instalments.

Get Quotes

Replacing the roof on your old conservatory will not only give it a new lease of life. But, will also allow you to use the room all year, without freezing or sweltering. However, try to have the work done by a reputable company specialising in this type of work. If not, you might have problems later on.

If you complete the form on this page you’ll receive 2 or 3 quotes offering conservatory roof replacement costs from local companies. Why dither? Fill out the form today.

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